Monday, June 4, 2007

It's a Miracle!!

Posts two days in a row! Woohoo, I am no longer neglecting the blog :o)

I take the most horrible photos when I'm posing. Anyone else have that problem?? Now, if Paul had caught me by surprise I probably wouldn't look like I had smoked a lil wacky weed, or was coming down off a weekend drinking binge. But, I do and that's that.

As promised, here's a modeled photo of the Tuxedo Collar Tank. I really like this top and might make another one later this year.

I'm kinda digging on the slight variations in the colors of the Alchemy bamboo. Makes for photos that look like I messed up the pattern, but in person this sweater is awesome. The knitting is going so quickly, I might start the lace skirt that is sitting in the "soon to be cast on" section of the craft room.

Also knitting up quickly is the Turtleneck Tube Vest. At the rate I'm going, I'll be ready to join the front and back and start on the body section. I'm not seeing any problems so far using cotton so it looks like one of my next projects will be a stash buster.

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  1. Naw, you look like a vaguely tired knitter. But so very very productive. It looks well on you.