Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oops I did it again .....

A few too many projects on the needles. At tonight's count, there were 9 of them. Oops!! Oh well, at least I won't get bored with any one project for awhile. The only problem is that I want to work on ALL of them!

I'm still going strong on Intoxicating. I love the drape this sweater has knit up in the bamboo yarn. I finished the front Sunday evening, and cast on for the back.

Only a couple rows done on the back so far, but I love the combination of the green and orange together.

Late last week, my Webs backorder arrived. I tried to resist it, I really did. Alas, last night I gave into temptation and cast on for the Bonsai Tunic from the Spring issue of Interweave Knits. This sweater is being knit in bamboo yarn too. Berroco Bonsai is a ribbon bamboo yarn wrapped in nylon. It has great drape and a really nice shine to it.

I've been knitting so many sweaters and socks lately, that I just had to knit on something else for awhile. I ran across a really nice lace skirt pattern on Elann about a month ago and purchased the Luna yarn for it. Not much progress on it yet and it's hard to see the lace pattern in this photo, but it's knitting up pretty quickly. Don't you just love easy to memorize lace patterns? Maybe after a few more repeats the pattern will show up better.

Tomorrow: sock progress (and there's plenty of it with 4 pair on the needles right now!)

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  1. That lace pattern looks nice. Kind of like a bell or drop leaf look. Can't wait to see it. The colorwork looks pretty fabulous on that first sweater too.