Tuesday, September 4, 2007

16 pair down .... 36 to go!!

I managed to get another pair of socks off the needles over the holiday weekend. I'm really pleased with how these turned out. I even have enough yarn left over to make another pair of those cute Coriolis baby socks with.

Pulled out the Bagstopper and worked on it a bit too. I'm just about to run out of the variegated cotton, and need to decide if I'm going to buy another ball of it or just finish it up with solid white.

Tonight I finally pulled out that other gift I need to get done in October. It's going to be tough finishing in time I think. I could be wrong however. The sleeves of the other Mermaid I knit took longer than the rest of the jacket, and since I will be done with one of the sleeves tonight, I could surprise myself and finish this in record time.


  1. You're doing some really beautiful knitting there! I especially love the socks, they look fantastic in this colorway, and what a great pattern! Happy Knitting!

  2. You, go girl! Those colours are gorgeous.

    I have complete faith that you'll finish Mermaid before the deadline!