Sunday, September 30, 2007


Carol commented a couple days ago that she liked the picot hem on the gloves I'm knitting, and asked if I'd teach it to her and some friends. That sounds like a great reason to have a Football Sunday Knit Party if I've ever heard one. My livingroom will hold 5 or 6 guests, so I am decreeing October 21 to be Football Sunday Knit Party at Delana's house day. The first 6 people who RSVP to delanaknits(at)gmail(dot)com will have a reserved spot. We can do the picot hem and the toe up sock cast ons you all were interested in!

Mermaid continues to fly off the needles. I am currently almost 4 days ahead of the schedule I set for myself in order to have this finished in time for Mom's birthday. After today's email discussion with a blog friend and a Ravelry invitation, I wish I was more like 14 days ahead of schedule.

Knitfitt's nonmitts are making good progress too. The ease with which these are working up, as well as how very much I am loving the pattern, has convinced me that I do indeed need a pair of these for myself. I purchased 3 balls of the Cashsoft, but I think I'm only going to need 2. Once done with this pair, I will exchange the leftover ball for another color. There was some lovely purple when I was at the LYS that I might just decide on.

I will not break my self imposed WIP rules. I will not break my self imposed WIP rules. Maybe if I chant this enough, I won't run out and buy yarn and cast on for my next major project. I will finish the Mermaid jacket and Knitfitt's nonmitts before buying yarn. I will finish the Lake Park Gloves and silk booties before casting on. Wish me luck!!

I was originally thinking about making Katherine of Aragon as my first "Tudor Roses" sweater. This morning as I drank my coffee, I was leaning more towards Elizabeth of York. Then I got a comment on my blog from Marina. She is getting ready to cast on Mary Tudor and suggested we knit it together. Next thing I know, she's invited me to the Tudor Roses Knitalong group in Ravelry. Buying lots of lovely jumper weight wool and casting on is all I've been able to think about ever since.

I will not break my self imposed WIP rules. I will not break my self imposed WIP rules.



  1. I'm RSVPing for October 21. I can't believe how long it's been since we've seen you!

  2. I actually knitted the picot hem on my victoria sweater, it was surprisingly easy... good luck to you all and have fun


  3. My bad ;-)

    I've never thought of putting a picot hem before the ribbing. That's really pretty.