Sunday, September 9, 2007


My personal knitting goal for yesterday was to get through the heel turn on the OSU socks. I was so happy when I completed that last short row ...

... until I took a progress photo that is. I took one look at the photo and groaned. Do you see what I did?

Not so obvious in that side shot is it? Well, how about when I take a photo of what the sock would look like from the front when worn?

Yeah, good ol' EYES BUCK! LOL.

Of course, I wasn't so much LOLing yesterday as whining because I was going to have to frog the heel and reknit it.

I did the frogging and reknitting immediately so I wouldn't have to stress over it all day, then completed a repeat of the stripe pattern for good measure. Much better.

I've completed one dishcloth and one facecloth for September now too. Put the finishing touches on this one this morning.

And finished this one earlier in the week.

The first sleeve for the purple Mermaid jacket is complete and the second is well on its way. I'm hoping to finish that second sleeve this week along with finishing the first OSU sock. Also on the goal list for this week is to complete a pair of baby booties.

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