Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mermaids and Mittens

Actually got a couple of non-washed out photos of the Mermaid in progress today.

Both sleeves are complete, including the seaming.

And, I'm making fairly good progress on the body. The second gusset was completed after taking this photo, and tomorrow night I should be able to get through the first sleeve gusset. Not bad for only a couple week's worth of knitting. I'm not stressing over getting this done in time now.

What I'm stressing about instead, is the number of WIP's I currently have. I finally got all of them loaded into Ravelry, and boy was that a wake up call! I'm back to my old tricks. I currently have 15 projects on the needles, and I admit freely that I am itching to cast on a few more. I'm a bit ashamed of myself, so a change is in order. Until I get this WIP problem resolved, I am only allowing myself to actively work on 2 projects at a time. Of course, right now the first priority is completing the Mermaid jacket. The second project I have chosen to work on is knitfitt's nonmitts.

Knitfitt is my Ravelry Mitten Exchange pal, and since I want her to see (sorta) what she'll be getting, I'll be blogging about my progress. I'm only showing the "palm" side of them though, so she'll still be surprised when she gets her package. I am so in love with this pattern, and even more so with the yarn. I chose RYC Cashsoft since it contains cashmere. Knitfitt mentioned that she liked cashmere as a joke, but I do aim to please :o)

I do believe that I will make myself a pair of these in the same yarn this year.

I've altered the pattern just a smidge. I didn't like the way the pattern instructed knitting only a hem for the back of the hand side, and chose to do a picot hem instead. I think this will be just the right touch to go with the pattern stitch.

I wonder how long it will take me to whittle down that WIP list so I can cast on something new?

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