Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ravelry is going to be bad for my knitting progress

Although I didn't get as much knit on Mermaid 2 as I had hoped this weekend (thanks to Ravelry), I did get some work done on her. Pardon the poor photo quality. Both were taken when there was no more natural light and the flash on my camera washed out the colors a bit :o(

Last night I finished up the first stripe section and was hoping to get to the underarm gusset today.

Didn't happen though. I did get the first gusset done before snapping this photo, but Ravelry called and I set her aside for the night.

My main goal for this weekend was to finish up the OSU socks, and I actually managed to get that done!! Woohoo! No late birthday present for my stepdad.

I pulled out the silk booties to work on before the football games started today. I'm just about to the heel turn on the first one. Love the colors in this. I will probably concentrate on knitting more of this project this week since the OSU socks are done. Hopefully I can have them finished next weekend.

Ravelry is going to be bad for me I can tell already. I can't stay away from it. And, to make matters worse, I keep adding more and more projects to my queue and staring at them longingly. Today I gave in to the impulse to cast one on. Just what I needed eh? Yet another WIP. Behold the beginnings of my Lake Park Gloves. So far I'm liking the striping I'm getting from the yarn I chose. Again, poor photo quality. The greens are really much more vibrant than they look here.


  1. Ravelry will do that to you. My knitting slowed down to a standstill at first and then the WIP's grew.

    But I have to say I love your socks! My husband (and his father, for that matter) would love them too. Really nice. : )

  2. Look at it this way -- Ravelry is giving you a chance to rest your hands while still having knitting fun!