Friday, April 6, 2007

Am I ever glad this week is over!!

I think this week tops my list of all time least favorite weeks at work. Let's just say that if it could go wrong, it did .... if it could break, it did .... and if it could stress you out, it did in spades.

To make myself feel better, and hopefully bring back those thoughts of warm weather (it went from 80 one day to 30 the next here), I cast on my next sweater for the Sweater A Month Knitalong. I've chosen a V-neck Cotton Tank from Nashua Handknits Designer Collection. It should knit up pretty quickly. The yarn is Mondial something or other (must remember to save one of the labels for after knitting stats), and the colors remind me of a bed of petunias. Just the ticket for cabin fever :o)

I neglected to keep up on my sock progress posts, so will make up for it in a few photos .....

Pair 1 ..... day 3

Pair 1 ... day 5 (only did about 2 repeats on day 4 so it wasn't worth a photo lol)

I always have company when I knit. My border collie/lab mix lies on the floor next to the bed and peers at me through the mirrored closet door. Looks like he's wondering when I will put down the needles already and give him a good belly scratching doesn't it?

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  1. Is that top knit in once piece. I really like it, but have never heard of that collection before.

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