Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Twas a Manic Monday!

I really wanted to post daily progress photos of my 52 Pair projects, but I just couldn't bring myself to turn on my computer last night. I put in a 10 1/2 hour day at work and didn't get home until 7:30 last night. By the time we'd called in an order for dinner to be delivered (who wants to cook that late?), and I'd washed my makeup off, all I wanted to do was get in my jammies and knit a bit before sleeping. Soooo my progress photos will be "off" by a day this week I guess :o)

I did do some work on the felted needle/hook holder I wanted to do in April. It went so quick, and turned out so cute after felting, I think I'll make more of these using leftover wool in my stash. I did the actual finishing last night, and felted tonight after work. I'm thinking since I have just a tad more of the blue left I will make a felted flower to add some personality to it.

Pattern: Crafty Compartments, Crochet Today Feb/Mar 07
Yarn: Cascade 220
Started: 4/1/2007
Finished: 4/2/2007

Even though I didn't have much knitting time last night, I did manage to get a bit done on the Retro Rib socks. Paul tried the first one on once complete. It fits really well, and he likes the feel of the silk.

52 Pair Plunge, Pair 1, Day 2

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