Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Hear You Knockin', But You Can't Come In

 I was telling someone the other day that we hadn't had much luck with our garden this year.  The flower gardens that the previous owner put in (and they are numerous) are overgrown, but the veggies we planted haven't done much.  There just hasn't been enough rain this summer for them to flourish.

We did get one cucumber and a handful of baby carrots that I used in a pasta salad.  The cherry tomatoes that Paul put in a hanging planter did okay.  I've made a pasta salad of some sort every week and haven't had to buy tomatoes for them, so that's a plus.  We got a few small beefsteak tomatoes, and I used them in a tomato cream pasta sauce the other night.  Yummy.

The only thing that is doing well is the gourd.  And OMGsh is it doing well.  It's a bit creepy truth to tell.  It has completely taken over the side garden, has pushed it's way through the privacy fence to the front garden, is climbing the chain link to get into the neighbor's yard, and is covering my living room window.  I swear it knocks on that window at night begging to be let in from the cold.  It's like something from a bad scifi movie.  I hope the gourds it produced fare well through this early chill at night.  I really want some cute birdhouses for the yard next year.

I am such a serial starter!  I can't help it.  I see something; decide it would look great here, there, somewhere; and have to get supplies to start it.  Seriously, it's like a mental disorder.  If I don't start it right away, I get antsy, distracted, and sometimes even grumpy.  I lose interest in the other projects I have started and make life generally unpleasant for the guys in the house.  Poor Paul, Sebastian, and Digit.

So, to save them grief, when I spied this while flipping through cross stitch magazines, I didn't even try to stop myself beginning to stitch.

This really shouldn't take that long to stitch up.  No back stitching, no filling in, just some swirly curls in 2 colors of orange.  A nice soothing piece to work on while watching the boob tube in the evenings.  I'm planning to add quilted borders to this and use it as a table topper.

Now that the loom is put back to rights, I was able to get a tad bit of weaving done the other day.  I can see waffles!!!  I need to figure out something for this.  I was planning to work on it on the enclosed porch, but Sebastian is horrible out there, and he's definitely a velcro dog and feels he needs to be stuck to me 24/7.  I might need to move the loom to the spare room after Jenn visits and work on this up there under the Ott light.

Another Framed block completed yesterday.  I've been doing some chain piecing on this and believe that I can have the rest of the blocks finished tomorrow.  I'll be putting it aside when they are done because I really need to get another top quilted before getting this one ready.

Also finished the too small applique block I was working on for the lap quilt.  I can't believe the base fabric was 1/2" too small in this kit.  I'll have to add some kind of border to this to fix that.


  1. We'll have plenty of gourds to work with, at minimum, ten I would say, but you can probably multiply that by 5. All your crafts are looking great, and we guys have learned best how to cope with them all, well I have anyway.

  2. You are super crafty lady!! And a great cook, too!