Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sh Sh Sh Shaker

This morning I finished another of the Framed quilt blocks.  10 more to go.  Still loving the colors in this, but can't say that my photos are doing any justice to them.

While digging through boxes looking for all those quilt tops I made years ago, I came across 9 block of the month kit packages.  This one is from JoAnn's 1998 Classic quilt.  I don't remember getting these, so I'm not sure if I stopped buying them after the 9 I have, or if I've misplaced the other 3 in the various moves I've made in the past 17 years.

In any event, I decided to work up the 9 I have and make a lap quilt with them.  I sewed the triangles into squares; yes, more half square triangles!  All of the squares are 1/4" too big.  Odd.  I double checked my seaming.  Yep, they came out 2 1/2" square (more or less).  And the squares they are to be sewn to to make a row are only 2 1/4" square.  So, I spent some time cutting those down.  Hopefully, I'll have time either this evening or tomorrow morning to get this block finished.

I started feeling guilty about starting so many new projects, so I pulled out one that was all but done, and will spend some time finishing it up today and tomorrow.  My friend, Amanda, and I both started this sewing set in 2012.  I lost track of mine during my move in 2013, but pulled it out again last summer I think, and finished up all the cross stitch.

I take that back, I finished up my cross stitch in Spring last year, because Paul bought me the shaker box to finish the sewing box for my birthday.

I have all my supplies ready, including the shaker pincushion box.  I don't think finishing these pieces should take very long. A bit of glue for the pincushion; a couple of seams and a bit of stuffing for the scissor fob; and a few seams for the needle book are all that's needed.  Why do I get to this point so often, then put away projects?  It's insane!


  1. Wow! I forgot about those sewing kits:) lol
    I need to pull mine out and finish.
    Love the colors in the Jo Ann block.

    1. I like this color combo too. All pinks and greens. This will make a nice quilt to curl up under this winter. I worked on the sewing set after posting this, and I'm done except for the hand stitching needed to put the trim on the fob and needle book. Another finish in sight!