Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Photobombing Shoes and Sleeveless Jackets

Apparently, I am unable to take a photo without a shoe photo bomb.  I usually crop them out, but you know what?  They want to be in the photo so much, let them be in the photo, right?

As ever, I have too many knit/crochet projects in the works.  I just popped over to my Ravelry notebook to count them, and discovered that I have 17 right now.  18 if you count the gift I'm making that I haven't put in there yet, and if I'm going to be honest about my issues, I should count it.  Earlier this summer, I gathered all those various and sundry projects up and put them in storage bins.  Now I know where they are!  There are 5 that aren't stored in there, because they are the ones I've been rotating through, trying to put a dent in the madness.  I've been doing pretty well not starting a bunch of new projects.  This is a good thing, since my storage bins are full!  Don't get me wrong.  There are plenty of projects I am just itching to get going, but my goal is to finish 3 that are already started before starting a new one. My biggest problem right now is I can never seem to decide which project I should work on.  I've given up deciding, and am leaving it up to a random number generator.

This week, the handy RNG has chosen the Mermaid jacket.  This poor thing has been in the works since December 2008.  For at least 2 years now, the body has been completed, and it's only been missing its sleeves.

When last I worked on it, I completed this much of a sleeve.  That's right, more than half.  Then I put it away!  Why on earth would I put it away when I was so close to the finish line?  I think this one is going to stay on my radar until done this time.  I just can't see putting it away yet again.

My finishes this summer are going to have me ready for the cool days of late fall!

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