Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Have A Serious Problem

I keep saying that I need to finish all these projects I have started, yet I am constantly starting new ones.  Oh well, I guess I just need to accept that I have a serious problem and go with the flow.

I discovered a new to me pattern company and I adore just about every pattern I've seen so far.  I just ordered the one below along with fabric to complete it, and yes, I am going to start it as soon as the supplies arrive.  I've even corrupted talked my friend Brandi into doing one of these with me.  All it took was showing her the adorable weiner dog patterns they had, and she was a goner.  I'd love to do this in beautiful overdyed floss, but I am going to use up some of the tons of DMC floss I have in my stash instead.  If I finish several cross stitch projects this year, maybe I'll treat myself to a new sampler pattern and overdyed floss next year.

As bad as I am at starting new projects, I am pretty good about really taking stock of the ones I already have going.  I really think hard about why the ones that have been sitting around for an extended period aren't being worked on.  I did that this weekend when I was supposed to be working on Time I.  I wasn't enjoying it like I was the other large HAED projects.  When I decided that it was because I was working them in tent stitch instead of full cross, I decided to "scrap" all three I started that way.  There isn't much work being tossed aside there; all three were started, then quickly left to sit while I worked on something else.  I will start each one over using full cross when I make some headway on other projects.

Once I put away Time I, I pulled out The Great Snail to work on instead.  I think instead of changing every weekend, I'll work on this one until I'm tired of it, then I'll switch.  Believe it or not, this is almost 3 pages complete.  Since I started on the lower right corner, I've been working on the partial pages at the end of each row and at the bottom of the columns.  I think if I do the next page up next instead of the next page across, I should start to see some mushrooms.  I'm loving the colors in the background, but would really like to see some detail show up so I don't get bored.

The other gift I finished that was shipped off today is the afghan I made for my niece's dorm room.  I love this pattern and maybe some day I'll make one for myself too.

And, as has been my custom lately, when I finished up that last knit/crochet project, I started a new one instead of grabbing one of the many others already in progress.  *sigh* I doubt I'll ever get better.  This is going to be a sweater for my husband.  I love the yarn this is made with (Malabrigo), it's so soft and squishy.  Most of the sweater is made in this textured rib, but there are a couple of less textured bands.  So far it's working up quickly, and I'm only working on it about an hour in the evenings before I pull out the reindeer cross stitch.  Let's hope hubby sees a new sweater next year.

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