Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

I decided to put Basilisk away Friday morning so I could catch up a bit on monthly themed projects.  I don't have photos yet, but I did get quite a bit done on the quilted wall hangings.  February is all appliqued and ready to be quilted, the base for both March and April are pieced, and I've begun the applique for March.  I've decided to concentrate more on March now instead of trying to finish up February.  I will probably only be able to get one completed by month's end, so I'd rather it be the one I will hang next instead of one that will be put away for next year.  I'll come back to February and work on it when I get a bit ahead of the game.

I also worked on the February cross stitch design until it was finished.  Now I just need a frame for it.  I'll be out and about later this week, so I'll pick up a couple of them.

I managed to get a bit of the March design done too.  I'm going to leave the supplies for these out instead of tucking them away.  That way, I can work on them when I have a time to stitch, but not enough time to make headway on the big HAED projects.

I'm still plugging away a bit each day on Paul's sweater.  Just about to the point where I start working on the body and skip the sleeve stitches.

I love this pattern, and the yarn I'm using.  Here's a bit closer look at the pattern stitches used.  It's hard to tell in these photos, but the top portion is ribbed using post stitches.

Because I'm never happy with just 100 projects, I started 2 more.  These will be worked on primarily on the weekends, but I may pull them out when my eyeballs need a break from reading HAED charts.

The first is a Plum Street design that I am doing as a SAL with my friends, Amanda and Brandi.  We have agreed to show our progress each Friday on Facebook to keep each other accountable for finishing.  I am in love with this design company and will most likely be purchasing more of their patterns.

The second is a SAL that I discovered when the Facebook group popped up as a suggestion for me.  It is a free monthly calendar SAL found on The Snowflower Diaries blog.  I'm planning to stitch them all as one piece and have it framed.  I'm stitching this over 2 on 28ct, so I need to find a pretty big spot on the wall to hang it.

I made some progress on Paul's stocking this weekend too.  I might have to work on the little boy next weekend so he starts showing up better.

This week I'm back to working on Ornament Enchanted Reindeer.  Working on Basilisk last week was a nice break, but I really want the reindeer done this year, so it's back on the frame.  I also made the decision to restart two more of the HAED projects at some point in the future.  While I really love the reindeer, and it is being worked on 14ct Aida, I find that I much prefer the look of these pieces on 18ct and higher fabric, with 18ct being my preferred choice as I don't have to use my magnifying lamp.  Both Mini Gone Fishin' and Mini Bottom of the Garden were started on 14ct. and I'm not caring for the coverage I'm getting.  I will most likely restart one of them, along with a new chart I purchased recently, later this year when I complete the reindeer.

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  1. You are so dedicated! The stocking is looking great. Also Paul's sweater. Love the yarn you've chosen.