Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2 Down .... a Bazillion to Go

Last night I finished up clue 5 of the Secret Garden mittens.  Only have the thumbs to knit, a few ends to weave in, and these will be officially done.  I still have a few hours left on the audio book, but I'll finish it while working on other projects.

I'm still not 100% happy with the color I chose for the flowers, but it's not horrible I guess.  I'll definitely wear the mittens, and might even knit more of these in different colors.

I also finished up the Felicity mitts last night.  Completely forgot the eyelet row before the i-cord bind off on the palm and thumbs, but decided that since I wasn't planning to weave anything in there anyway it wasn't worth redoing.  These mark my second finished project ..... and you know what that means!

I think I'll wait until this weekend to start my new project, because I'm making pretty good progress on some others and don't want to lose my momentum.  I mentioned that I wanted to get the Kitchen Rag Rug finished, so I pulled it out today, prepped some of the fabric strips, and completed 3 rounds on it.  If I continue at that pace, this should be done next week!  Of course, that is going to depend on whether I have enough of the fabric strips to get this to the size I want.  I'm starting to think I might have to go get some more fabric in order to get this guy finished, but that can be done this weekend when Paul is done.  Stupid car battery is dead again!  We need to get it into the shop to find out what's up.

Since the Ann Marie Stockings have become such a slog to work on (and therefore I don't want to work on them, and when I force myself, I wind up daydreaming instead and get nothing accomplished), I've set them aside for a bit and decided to try a new tact in getting projects completed.  According to Ravelry, my oldest wip is a Mermaid Jacket, started in December 2008 (oh the shame of it!).  I just need to get the sleeves done and sew a couple of seams and this will be done, so I'm going to work on it just a bit each day.

I started on one of the sleeves today and got past the short rows.  Now I'll work 4 ridges each day until I get to the next short row section.  It's a pain to keep track of where I am in the short row section, so I'll do that all in one day.  I know 4 ridges isn't much, but doing just a couple of rows each day worked really well when I made a double knit coat.  I never got tired of the project, and I had the coat in time for cold weather.  This won't be done in time to wear this cold season, but it will be done in plenty of time to wear it next Fall.

Next, I checked Ravelry to see what my most recently started project was.  It's the enormous amigurumi turtle for Paul.  I had the head done before Christmas and set it aside.  Yesterday, I got a fair amount of the body done.  Since this is crochet, it shouldn't take too long to get it finished up and off my list.

If I get this done, and the Secret Garden mittens done, I won't feel so guilty about starting something new for February.  I need a project that starts with B that can be finished next month.  The only B project I currently have started is the Beekeeper's Quilt, and I already figured out that it is going to take another year or more to get that done.  I've already purchased a pattern for another pair of mittens that should work up quickly while I watch the Olympics next month.  I was originally going to join a couple of Ravellenics teams, but after the fiasco that happened a couple of weeks ago in the first group, I decided to just craft happily away on my own stuff and not join in the new group and risk getting sucked into the drama.  I love the Olympics too much to let them get ruined with all that hoopla.

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