Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Skip

Skip is finished!  Well, with the exception of being strung up on his control stick, that is.  At the moment, the glue on the control stick is drying.  Once that's done, Paul will drill a couple holes for me, then I'll string him up and get proper photos.  I think he turned out so cute!  Love this little guy. 

Yesterday I struggled through the duplicate stitch on the owl mitts.  Found that if I started with the white, I didn't mess up.  Finished up the feather charms this afternoon, and now these little mitts are done.  I really like these.  Must make more fingerless mitts.  Now, since these were originally for a swap and weren't on the initial list of knit/crochet wips, these won't count towards my two wips that need to be finished in order to start a new project.  Darn it!

Since I'm liking the fingerless mitts, I decided to pull out the Felicity Mitts that I had started in December.  I had one completely done, but it just seemed too long, both on the arm and hand.  Yesterday, I frogged that one down to the lace edging and started over.  All that's left to do is the i-cord bind off on hand and thumb, then I can start on the second one.  Should be able to have it done in the next couple of days if other projects don't distract me too much. 


Hoping I get them done though, since finishing these means I can start something new if I want.  And I want!  I discovered a doll designer on Ravelry and have fallen in love with her work.  Really want to start a Lottie Doll.  I have plenty of appropriate yarn in my stash to use, and I'm hoping it works up fairly quickly.

Yesterday was supposed to be quilting day, but Paul and I were watching tv shows, which is difficult to do from the sewing room.  So, this morning I spent some time down there and got the borders all sewn on the Man Cave Quilt, and the fishing rod applique ironed on.  At some point this week I'll get the blanket stitching done on the applique and start looking for backing fabric.

Next up on the list to get finished is the Kitchen Rag Rug I started in November.  I thought I'd have this done by Thanksgiving, but if I remember right, a shawl captured my attention and I set this aside for a bit.  It wound up getting shoved out of sight for my mother's visit over Thanksgiving, and I never did pull it out again.  I can only crochet a bit of it per day because it's rough on the hands.  Cotton fabric has no give!  I'm liking the way the different fabrics are playing with each other so far.

 Would also still like to get those Ann Marie stockings done before moving on to February's B project, but we'll see.  The bright and shiny newness of those wore off much quicker than I thought it would and they have become a bit of a slog to work on.

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