Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Finished Project

Hexi-challenge Day 4!  Here is my puff for today.  I have just a small bit of yarn left from the first skein.  Not enough to make another puff, but too much to throw away.  I think I'll make some stripey puffs with these small bits of leftovers.  No sense trashing perfectly good yarn right?  I'm still 2 puffs behind on my January goal of 31, but I think tomorrow will be a good day to concentrate on getting caught up.  We're supposed to be getting our new recliners delivered tomorrow and I don't want to be in the middle of a complicated row of lace knitting or whatnot when the truck gets here.  These puffs will be the perfect little project to work on while I wait.

Otto is officially done!  I reworked his back shell last night and am quite happy with it now.  I went down a hook size and skipped the final round of increases to make sure that it wasn't too big this time.  I think it came out perfect and reminds me of a little derby hat.  Now I'm thinking Otto needs a hat, but that's going to wait until another day.  He looks quite content sitting on my tea cart doesn't he?  This used to be the place I put my light loving plants, but Digit has claimed it as his own since there is great afternoon sun.  Now it is home to cat grass and catnip plants, so Digit has something to snack on while he sunbathes.

Now that Otto is complete, I will spend my afternoons working on the Mermaid's Tears octopus bag and listening to my audio books.  I don't think this is going to take very long at all.  There are only about 30 more rows to complete on the chart, then there's a bit of ribbing along the top edge and the handle.  I have some very long floats in this bag because I don't like catching them.  The catches always seem to show on the right side and ruin the pattern no matter how careful I try to be.  I'll line the bag to give it a bit more stability and protect the floats from being pulled.

I love the little seahorses that are on the back side!

 I started working on Lottie's body yesterday.  I'm not spending a lot of time on her right now because I really do want to get some of these other longstanding wips completed.  I'm not going to set her aside to be forgotten and become one of those longstanding wips however.  I'm not sure yet what clothing I want to put on her, so that's another reason to just take my time.

One of my goals for 2014 was to finish or frog several blankets that I had started in past years.  Yesterday I pulled out the two that I haven't worked on yet this year.  The Chain Reaction Afghan and the Great American Afghan.  I had started the Chain Reaction Afghan using Caron Simply Soft.  Two other afghans I've made in the past using this yarn have just not stood up to being used.  I love this yarn for baby afghans, but it's just not sturdy enough for bed sized ones.  I made the decision yesterday not to finish the Chain Reaction Afghan using this yarn.  I will use the squares I have already completed to make a cat blanket for Digit.  He will love it.

Two of the Great American Afghan squares are completed and ready for blocking.  There are 3 others that need a bit of finishing, and then they too will be ready.  I did not get a block completed in January, and with only a couple of days left, I don't think I'm going to attempt to get one done.  Instead, I will work on getting two done while I watch the Olympics in February.

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