Friday, January 31, 2014

End of Month Summary

Quilt WIPs at beginning of month = 12
Quilt WIPs started = 0
Quilt WIPs finished = 0
Quilt WIPs at end of month = 12

Needlework WIPs at beginning of month = 14
Needlework WIPs started = 0
Needlework WIPs finished = 1
Needlework WIPs at end of month = 13

Knit/Crochet WIPs at beginning of month = 21
Knit/Crochet WIPs started = 2
Knit/Crochet WIPs finished = 5
Knit/Crochet WIPs frogged = 2
Knit/Crochet WIPs at end of month = 16

Once again, I've got a pretty long list of items I'd like to get finished in February.  Hope I can get these done, unlike the January projects.

February Goals
  1. Complete one puff per day
  2. Start and finish Big Rib Scarf
  3. Start and finish Blomekrans Mittens
  4. Start and finish Biscuit Cowl
  5. Finish Octopus Bag
  6. Finish Kitchen Rag Rug
  7. Finish Beaded Ornaments
  8. Start Save the Stitches Blackwork

Final puff for January!  I spent the morning at the salon getting my hair done, so I only did one puff today.  Even so, I met my goal for the month of 31 puffs!

Last night I finished up knitting the body of the octopus bag.  I started on the i-cord strap, but probably won't finish it up for a couple more days.  After this gets a good long soak I plan to block it around a plastic canvas "bag".  I plan on lining this with some cotton fabric yet to be chosen from my quilting stash.  This turned out to be such a cute bag!

I've set all my knitting aside for the rest of the day.  I'll be working on the beaded ornaments, hoping to get them done this weekend.  I'm really wanting to start a year long project of a free blackwork pattern found at Blackwork Journey.  A cross stitch group on Ravelry is doing this as a stitch along and I'm anxious to get started.  I've got my fabric, 25ct Jobelan; floss, DMC cotton and Light Effects; and beads, Mill Hill Seed Beads.  Now I just need to print the first part of the pattern and get stitching!

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