Sunday, January 19, 2014

Duplicate Stitch .... ugggggg

In all the year's I've been knitting, I've never worked a project that called for duplicate stitch.  Until now that is.  Actually, this project could have been worked using intarsia for the colorwork, but I don't really care for intarsia.  I've discovered that I really don't care for duplicate stitch.  Ugggggg I spent about an hour last night working on these mitts.

And then spent another hour and a half picking out everything I did because apparently I can't count and messed it up.  This morning, after a cup of coffee to get quite wide awake, I began again using a second color.  Worked about 30 minutes, then spent about 45 picking out most of what I'd done, because I still can't count this morning.  Uggggg I should have done these in intarsia!  They are small and the irritation of tangled yarn strands wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as the frustration over picking out duplicate stitch over and over.  All I can hope is that these turn out lovely and I adore them for years :-)

Before starting on the frustrating duplicate stitch, I put the finishing touches on the Shaker Sewing Set.  The satin stitch actually took longer than I expected, but I love the way it turned out.  Still setting aside funds for the boxes, so it will be awhile before you see this in all its glory.  As stated before though, I am counting this needlework project complete.

I think I have my February project lined up, but to keep my momentum going in January, I pulled out the beaded ornament kit I started in November.  Yes, November.  And all I completed was 2 1/2 rows before setting it aside for other bright shiny new projects.  There is a cross stitch shop near the salon where I get my hair done and get my monthly massage.  When I checked them out, they had a lot of Mill Hill bead kits and I couldn't resist buying a couple.  Who could?  I mean, they're beads!  They are bright.  They are shiny.  They make you smile.

I also spent some time yesterday completing the parts to Skip.  Isn't he going to be so cute?  Tonight while watching Downton Abbey, I will start sewing him together.  Then this week I need to get his eyes put on, and his teeth sewn in.  Yes, teeth!  He gets little e bead (again with the beads) teeth sewn in around the edges of that bright red mouth.  Lastly, I need to put his control stick together and get him strung up.


  1. Wow!!!! You have been busy!
    I have not done nothing for the past week.
    Trying to help hand issue but not working so might as well work on
    If its gonna hurt im gonna at least get my craft fix:) lol

    1. Yep, I've been plugging away at all these projects I have sitting around unfinished. Not much else to do since we have all this snow and it's too cold to go out and about much!