Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Day of Triples

Okay, so I've gotten back into the groove of getting my puffs done daily, and hopefully this will get me back into the groove of blogging daily.

3 puffs for yesterday :-)

It appears as though I was on a 3 kick yesterday.  I made 3 flower dishcloths, that will be sent off as a gift for a friend.  Got most of these done while Skyping with a friend yesterday afternoon.  I've never done that before, but it was a lot of fun.  It felt almost like we were sitting at a Starbucks, or Barnes & Noble, like we used to before I moved to Wisconsin.  We'll definitely be doing that again!

I had another ball of Peaches & Creme, so worked up 3 more dishcloths while watching TV last night.  Whittled down a bit more of my cotton stash, and now I'm all set for more gift giving or swaps.

Paul has been telling me since Friday that he got me something for my birthday, but it was still in transit.  Well, the box arrived yesterday and I saw where it was from and couldn't wait for him to get home to open it.  He got me the Cherry Shaker Sewing Basket from Sudberry House!!  I've been trying to save up for this for some time now, but I always see something else that I need (want) and spend my craft allowance on that.  Yes, I put myself on a craft allowance, because if I didn't, I'd be happily crafting away in a house filled to bursting with craft supplies, and none of the bills would be paid.  Hey, at least I know what my issues are lol.

I pulled out the Shaker sewing set sampler that I completed earlier this year and Paul helped me get it mounted in the box lid.  I love this!  I've already loaded the box up with supplies I need for my crafting and have a little spot for it to sit on a side table in the living room.  Now it's useful and decorative!  I checked my sewing set savings balance and discovered that I had enough saved up for the pincushion box, so got that ordered yesterday.  Soon I will have the whole set completed!  Now I just need to get my butt in gear and put the scissor fob together, and visit the quilt shop to get some felted wool so I can finish the needle book.

Also yesterday, I started an applique dish towel for a friend.  Applique ironed on, now I just need to do some stitching around the edges.  I think I'm going to do this by machine instead of by hand.  I'd like to get this done so it can be shipped off.  I know it wouldn't take long to do by hand, but I can get it done faster by machine, and I really need to be working on other things right now.

I mentioned yesterday that I had spread myself a bit too thin craftwise and wasn't getting anything done.  Oh, I am making progress.  Lots of progress.  On lots of projects.  Which translates into all of my projects strewn about the dining room waiting for their turn to be worked on.  So basically, a cluttered house and no finished projects lol!  I am going back to what I intended at the beginning of the year.  It got a bit out of whack as is par for the course with me since I tend to take on too much always.  For the rest of this month, my projects will be .....

Stitching - applique dish towel
If that gets done (and it should be this afternoon), then I will work on the Save the Stitches piece.

Knit/Crochet - Chrysantemum Mittens
If they get done (a bit iffy, but still doable), then I will work on the Cat Cocoon.

I've moved all other projects to storage to await their turn to be worked on.  I need to get past this crazy need to have all my projects completed NOW.  There is plenty of time to work on each one of them.

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