Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Puffs and Filler Patterns

Three more puffs completed.  These seem to take up quite a bit more of my crafting time than I originally thought they would, but I don't really want to go back to just one per day.  Not sure what I'm thinking here.  Should I concentrate on this project exclusively?  Just bite the bullet, buckle down and get her done?  I'm kind of leaning that direction, but I'm afraid I'll get bored, set it aside, and not look at it for two years again.

I got 2 motifs and one filler pattern completed yesterday, with the exception of the metallic threads, which I'll probably get done today.  I think this month's patterns are going to go quickly.  That will leave me plenty of time to work on the other stitching projects I have going.

I will work on the Chrysanthemum mittens tonight.  Yesterday I took out the work I had done after the cuff so it's ready to be redone.  Thought about working on it last night, but I just never seem to be able to bring myself to work on something that I've had to take apart the same day as I've taken it apart.  Strange, but there you have it.

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