Friday, March 28, 2014

Back on Track

Back on track with the puffs.  I still think 3 is too many per day.  At least if I want to get anything else done.  Other than those dishcloths and dish towel the other day, I don't think I finished anything in March!  No wonder I've been feeling like a bit of a craft slog lately.

I was so excited yesterday when I finished working on the Save the Stitches piece.  Until I broke out the camera and took this picture and noticed the one little area of cross stitch I neglected to get done.  Oh well, it won't affect the parts that I'm supposed to be working on in March, so it can wait until April to get done.  I will be working on this instead of the Siren and the Shipwreck project tomorrow so I'm ready for April's blocks.

It feels like it's taking forever and a day to get these Chrysanthemum mittens done.  I figure I need to do at least 16 rounds on this each evening in order to get them done before March ends.  Even then, I might be pushing it to get those thumbs added.

Not much crafting will get accomplished today as it is a day of appointments.  First was the hair appointment for cut/color for me this morning (yay!  I'm red again), then this afternoon we had an appointment at the bank.  Just got home and ate a bit of dinner and now moving on to watching some TV and working on puffs.

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