Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a Pain in the Neck

My daily puffs.  I'll be doing some work on sewing these together and/or making some of the intarsia puffs over the next few days.  My neck has been bothering me quite a bit and holding an embroidery hoop under my magnifying lamp makes it worse.  I need to tone down the embroidery for a couple days to see if I can get it to calm down.  I also think I need a new pillow.  I've been sitting today with an ice pack on my neck and making puffs.  Knitting something simple does not seem to aggravate my neck, so puffs it is for the next couple of days.

I did get some work done yesterday on the Save the Stitches piece.  Another filler pattern done, and the last one for this month started.  Even with leaving the stitching alone for a few days, I will get this done with plenty of time to spare in March.

Also worked a few more rounds on the Chrysanthemum mitten.  I'm hoping that the next couple of days spent concentrating on knitting will get me excited about these again.  I've just felt a bit ho hum about my knitting projects lately.

This past weekend I bought one of those rebound trampolines, thinking it looked like a fun way to get some cardio into my day (read that as help me lose about 25 lbs).  Tried it out yesterday and boy is it harder than it looks!  I could only jump on it for about 10 minutes before my calves felt like they were on fire and I had to quit.  I've found some basic workout videos on YouTube and I'm hoping that I can do a bit more jumping each time I try.  Even if I could only do a few minutes, it's fun, and at least it's more exercise than I was getting before, as evidenced by the fact that I can stand to lose about 25 lbs lol.

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