Friday, March 7, 2014

First Bonjour Jolie Box

I received my very first Bonjour Jolie period box yesterday.  I was really excited about getting this.  I'm of an age where I won't need to worry about periods much longer, but figured until I do, may as well make them more comfortable.  For those of you who don't know what it is, Bonjour Jolie is a subscription service that sends you a box filled with the protection of your choice, some pampering items, yummy edibles, and a gift each month.  So what did I get in my first box?

The gift is a cute heart locket necklace.  I won't be able to put anything in the locket because it's a bit too fragile, but it's cute and I will wear it.

 The edibles are Hershey's kiss chocolates, Tootsie Rolls, a Russell Stover heart, a Moon Pie, and some chocolate teas.  Paul and I tried the Moon Pie.  I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow, but thought I'd give it a go anyway.  Is the graham cracker supposed to be soggy? Ewww, not a fan at all!  The tea that I tried last night was fabulous and I think I can get this brand in the grocery store here (supposed to be sold at Target too so I'll look there).  Teas and chocolates, thumbs up.  Moon Pie, gag.

The pampering products I got are some chocolate scented candles, chocolate scented hand soaps, chocolate scented bath salts, and a chocolate lip balm.  Also included in the box were some Advil packets and feminine wipes, which went straight into my purse.

And, of course, the protection products in the brands and types that I chose (you get to pick 25).

All in all, the box was nice, but I am a bit ambivalent about it.  Why?  Well, because it shipped in March to be delivered in March, but it was obviously the February box (proven by the card that was on top of it describing the contents that clearly stated February).  Shouldn't I have received the March box?  I kind of feel like I was shipped the leftovers from February.  Will I get the April box in April or will I always be a month behind?  I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription to Bonjour Jolie and trying Madame Ladybug next month.  Am I just being cranky because PMS has kicked in?  LOL

Anyway, back to craft content.  Finished some more puffs last night.

And, yesterday afternoon I finished another filler pattern.  Not sure I can get the other two done today since I'm about to head out the door for a massage appointment and mall visit, but next week should see this month's patterns completed.

Worked on the Chrysanthemum mittens last night until I got to the end of the thumb gusset.

I'm really liking these mittens.  They will keep my hands super warm.  They are knit at a really tight gauge and have a long cuff that will tuck nicely into the sleeve of my coat and stay there.  No more bit of wrist/arm that gets cold when you reach for something and the sleeve of your coat slides up.

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  1. Love Love your mittens Delana. I am going to start some Sanguhar gloves soon. Love you colors.