Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chicago, Here I Come

3 more regular puffs today.  Tonight I think I'll work on a couple of duplicate stitch ones.

Yesterday I worked a bit more on the Save the Stitches piece.  Since I had no adverse reactions to stitching over the weekend, I think I can add it back into my crafting routine.  Just need to take it a bit easy on it until I'm sure it won't make my neck and that pinched nerve flare up again.

Also worked some on the Chrysanthemum mitten.  Got through the thumb gusset and those stitches are now on waste yarn.  Might get some more done on this tonight if I get my puffs done.  I spent the day today cleaning out closets and tidying up the spare bedroom so haven't gotten any crafting done yet.

Stayed up a bit late last night and finished another robot square.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Chicago to visit with my bff Amanda, who's there this week tagging along with her hubby (who's there for work this week).  She called me today and I was so excited when she told me how close she was!  I'm trying to decide between taking puffs to work on or the robo-blanky.  Maybe I'll take a little of both.

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  1. I'm soooo excited! I think I peed myself:)