Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Woodland Critters

Finished the first Chrysanthemum mitten last night, except for the thumb, which I probably won't add until I finish the second one.  I was originally going to add it this weekend, but I think I'd rather work on the less fiddly cuff tonight instead.

I've mentioned the new embroidery project I want to start, but I haven't shown a photo of it yet.  This is the page freshly cut out of the coloring book and ready for Paul to take to work to reduce for me.  This isn't the clearest of photos.  It just didn't want to be sharp and clear at this size, but I'm sure you get the idea what it will look like.  According to USPS tracking, my fabric is out for delivery today and I'm getting really excited about this project.  I still don't have everything I need to start working on it, but gathering supplies is sometimes enough to curb the desire to start something new.

More little critters on puffs today.  An owl, a fox, and a hedgehog ... sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke doesn't it?

I think I'll limit myself to one duplicate stitch puff per day, as these take longer then the other ones.  I haven't gotten anything accomplished yet today because I was trying to finish these little guys before blogging.

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  1. I love these critters Delana. They will make the quilt. Can you tell us where you are getting the duplicate stitch patterns?