Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is Finally Springing

Back to some regular puffs for the next couple of days.  I was asked where I was getting the charts for the duplicate stitch puffs.  I found them all on Ravelry.  If you have an account there, you can get all the charts I'm using in the Tiny Owl Knits Group, on the Beekeeper's Quilt *one stop* Charts & Tips Thread.  There are 76 pages in that thread right now, and I've only done charts on page 1 so far.  There are still 2 more charts to go to finish that page and I hope to have them done tomorrow.

I started working on the second mitten last night.  Didn't get very far though, because some of my regular evening crafting time was taken up running to Janesville to get my rings, which were being sized.  Second trip there in two days and I won't be using that store again, but that's another story.

Yesterday the weather here got really nice.  The sun was shining through the windows of my enclosed porch and it was so nice and toasty in there, I spent some time sitting out there crafting and listening to a book.  The weather turn has given me an urge to clean my house top to bottom.  Stocked up on cleaning supplies today, and will get started on my spring cleaning on Monday.

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  1. Thanks for the link Delana. I found it but your link was more direct. I am toying with the idea. Just "toying" mind you.....