Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Three Puff Kind Of Day

Today is March 1, and that marks my first day of making 3 puffs instead of 1 per day.  I should be able to start sewing these together soon.  Instead of a rectangle, I'm considering making this a hexagon blanket.  Starting in the center with one puff, then adding rounds of puffs around it.  I think I'll start it off that way, and just change it if I don't like it later by adding puffs in the right places to make it rectangular.

Last night I started on the Quilty Stitches Sampler.  Didn't get a lot done, but did get the first square done with the exception of the border.  This isn't going to get worked on very much in the near future.  The next 2 blocks have been released for the Save the Stitches piece.  I don't want to fall behind on that, so I will work on it during the day until it's done, then I can pull this out again.

I started working on my Chrysanthemum mittens today, but the needles I was using were way too big.  Had to take it apart and will start over on size 0's.  I haven't been too much in the mood to knit or crochet lately.  It's been all about the embroidery and I've been hard pressed to make sure I work on some of my knitting projects too.  There are 2 projects this month that I want to get done, 3 if the crochet mood strikes me.  The Chrysanthemum mittens (Ravelry Link) are the first, and a Cat Cocoon (Ravelry Link) is the second.  If I get those done and think I still have time in the month to get something else done, I'll make a couple of Crochet Spring Bunnies (Ravelry Link) as gifts.

I've started ordering supplies to join in on the Secret Garden embroidery project that is on the Needles & Thread blog.  The coloring book and some stretcher bars are on their way to my house soon.  This will be the most in depth embroidery piece I've made so I want to take it nice and slow.  I'll probably get the rest of the supplies needed towards the end of the month and start this in April.  That way, I'll be a bit behind the blog and can take advantage of questions asked by other participants.

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