Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Yesterday I mentioned that it seemed to take forever to get my puffs done.  I think it seemed that way because I'm used to blogging early, and I was trying to get puffs done in between doing housework, laundry, and exercising.  So, I decided that I will make my puffs in the evening while watching TV and post photos in the morning.  So, yesterday I actually made 6 puffs instead of just 3!  I'm ready to start sewing them together, but I need to do that when Digit is napping somewhere.  I tried to lay some out to take a picture of what the start will look like, but he kept running up, grabbing a puff, and darting away.  Little brat.

As soon as I was done with the puffs last night, I pulled out the Save the Stitches piece and started on the next row(s) of outlining.  I may dedicate Mondays to working on the outlines until all of them are done.  It will be much more fun to just work on filler patterns and motifs when the new blocks are released.  Today I will start working on filler patterns and motifs.  I think I have enough outlining complete to keep me busy the rest of this week.

After stewing over the mitten situation yesterday, I've decided that I do want to take out the part where I reversed the colors.  I just don't like how it looks this way as much as I do the way it should be.  I will probably take it apart to the cuff tonight and start working on it again tomorrow.  I'll either work on the Save the Stitches piece or maybe start that Cat Cocoon tonight.

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