Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another One Down

Today's puff.  I'm seriously thinking about stepping up on making these.  I haven't touched the other blankets that have been sitting around unfinished for at least a year, and I really want to get them all done, but working on all of them at the same time is just crazy.  I think in March I'm going to start making 3 puffs per day and start getting them sewn together.  I should have a completed Beekeeper's by year's end that way.  Hmmmm serious thinking is in order here.

I finished knitting the Biscuit cowl last night.  Here she is awaiting end weaving and her bath.  That should happen later this afternoon when I get back from my shopping trip.  Need to get groceries and a few errands out of the way today because we're expecting a nasty storm tomorrow.  We're getting a lot of snow melt now.  One day it's cold and snowing 5", the next it's 40 and we're in danger of floods.  Crazy!

I got almost all of the upper right pattern complete on the Save the Stitches piece yesterday.  Weird how the patterns that I think look most complicated turn out to be so easy to stitch.  I'm hoping this doesn't bode ill for the one that I'm looking the most forward to and saving for last. 

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