Sunday, February 2, 2014

But I Only Cheated A Little

I stayed up late last night listening to the last of The Cuckoo's Calling, and finished up beading the body of the second ornament.  Now I just need to cut them out, fold them into their shapes, and add the final beading to the edges and add fringe.  These really didn't take very long to complete once I put my mind to actually working on them, and they are really pretty in person (these pictures don't do them justice).  I will likely get more of these bead kits in the future.

After The Cuckoo's Calling was finished, I started a new book and pulled out the Big Rib Scarf.  I restarted it, adding 10 stitches to the length.  Even so, it still seems a bit too short to tie, but I really like it held closed with a shawl pin (photographed with a cable needle because that's what was available close by lol).  With this as an official finished item, I get to cast on the Blomekrans mittens that I also want to complete this month.  I was thinking I wouldn't get to do that until the Olympic opening ceremonies, but looks like I'll be able to do that as soon as I get down to my stash and find colors for them.

Worked up a puff this morning while I had my first cup of coffee.  Will be pulling out new colors starting tomorrow.

As my post title suggests, I cheated a bit.  But only a little bit.  I'm almost done with the ornaments, and plan to work on them tomorrow.  But, I really wanted something less fiddly to work on today, and that blackwork project has been calling my name.  I broke down and started outlining the squares.  I will do some more outlining tonight, and will hopefully get to a point where I can start on one of the filler patterns before I need to put it away.  After today, I won't work on this until those ornaments are complete.  Paul gave me a sideways look when I showed him my progress.  He's trying to help keep me honest lol.

Now I need to look through my other needlework WIPs and pick out two that won't take too awfully long to complete.  The blackwork is a year long SAL and I can't get ahead since the patterns won't be available until their given month.  I have another needlework project that I want to get started on; again a major one that will likely take a year or more to complete.  Heaven and Earth Designs is having a 50% off sale on all their charts and I couldn't resist getting this one to work up for my dining room.  And, of course, since I now have the chart, I can't wait to start it!  It's a 32 page pattern and uses 88 colors!  Yikes!

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