Thursday, February 20, 2014

Whole Lotta Stitchin Goin On

I didn't get as much done on the Save the Stitches as I wanted to yesterday, but only because I went to get some groceries and stopped by JoAnn Fabrics to use my 15% off total purchase coupon.  Not sure I can get what's left done by tomorrow, but should be able to get it done on Monday.

I have found another stitching project that I want to start.  You can check out the Quilty Stitches Sampler A Long using the link in the sidebar.  A new block will be released every 2 weeks, and she's on block 3 right now.  I'm not supposed to start something else new until I get 2 more stitching project done, so I dug around in my in progress drawer last night to find a couple of things that I might get finished fairly quickly.  Earlier in the month, I had pulled out the tatted handkerchief, but set it aside when I was able to start the Save the Stitches piece, so I think that will be one of the items I try to finish up.  The other is most probably going to be the perforated paper ornaments.  Neither of these is going to be finished in a day or two, so I just might have to cheat a bit and start the sampler before they are done so I don't get too far behind.

No knitting done last night.  I did complete one round of crochet on the kitchen rag rug after Paul helped me prep the rest of the fabric strips.  That's about the extent I can get done in one day on that project.  It's getting heavy and unwieldy, and crocheting fabric strips is hard work.  There are nearly 200 stitches in a round now and my arm can only manage one round.  I will get a photo of my progress for tomorrow's post, hopefully with a kitty or dog nearby to help with scale.  Tonight I will do some knitting.  Need to work on Paul's convertible mittens, and I'm going to make a second pair of Blomekrans.

Since I didn't pull out any knitting last night, I decided to work on my HAED piece a bit.  Here it is with just over 200 stitches done.  I need to resign myself to the fact that this is going to take me at least 2 years to complete.  I am working on too many other things right now to actually get 400 stitches done per day, so I won't have this to hang in my dining room next year like I wanted.

To give you a perspective ..... below is a photo that shows almost all of the area that needs to be stitched.  I think I missed a row or column or 2.  More than 130,000 stitches in this piece!

 Yesterday afternoon I did get the Biscuit Cowl blocked.  I love her!  The drape with the silk yarn is fabulous.  She is just warm enough to keep the chill off my neck around the house, but isn't so heavy that I can't comfortably wear her in late spring or early fall.  I'm wearing her now, doubled like in the second photo.

And of course, there is a puff for today!

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