Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend SAL

I made pretty good progress on the Siren and the Shipwreck piece this weekend.  I didn't get to the chandelier like I wanted to because there was a lot more left to do on the hair than I thought.  I got the hair done, did a bit of beading, and got the backstitching complete on the body.  The backstitching really softened up the look of her face.  Next weekend I will finish the beading and backstitching in her hair, and will finally move on to the chandelier.  Starting today, I am back to the Save the Stitches piece.

Monday puff!

Last night, I put the cross stitch project up a bit early because I was beginning to get a knot in my back between my shoulder blades.  I pulled out the Biscuit cowl and completed another repeat of the rib pattern before calling it a night.  This should be done on Wednesday night if I continue to get a repeat done each day.

We are getting snow again today :-(  I've been sitting here watching it and thinking that it doesn't look bad yet, and I should risk going out to Michaels and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I have a 25% off my total purchase coupon for Michaels that expires today and I'd like to use it to get some more floss for the HAED piece.  And I have a 20% off an item coupon for BB&B that I'd like to use to get a bath towel.  Yes, just one.  I usually buy 2, but lately the ones I've purchased just aren't what we like.  The latest ones we got from Kohl's are horrible!  Even after 6 washes or so, they are still shedding enough to completely fill the lint trap on the dryer, and when we dry off with them, they leave little fuzzies on us.  Yuck!  I bought 4 of them, and 2 hand towels to match.  What a waste!  I thought maybe if I bought just one to try out with a coupon, it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't like it lol.  Then, if we did like it, I could either go back and get another to match, or wait until I get another 20% coupon.  Not sure what I'm going to do with this pile of yucky towels I have sitting here.  Anyone have ideas for recycling towels?

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