Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today's puff is a bit of a Frankenpuff!  I used up the last of a purplish skein for the first 8 rounds, the last of a pinkish skein for the next 2 rounds, then finished it off with a skein of tropical colors.  I don't think these odd puffs are going to look too strange in the finished quilt.

I did finish block 2 yesterday afternoon.  I really wish the metallic threads showed up here.  This piece will be set aside until Monday.  I'm hoping that I can get block 3 finished up in just a few days so I can work on the HAED piece.  I got the fabric prepared yesterday, and late last night I did work on it just a bit.  I wanted to see if working on the 18 count fabric made much difference.  Boy did it!  I got 100 stitches completed in no time at all, so this will go much faster.  I'm getting good coverage with 2 strands of floss so will be going that route instead of the 3 I was afraid I'd have to use.

I finished the first repeat of the rib pattern on the Biscuit cowl.  This didn't take too much time, so this should be finished next week.  There are 4 more repeats to go before bind off.

Another pinkish looking photo of the balaclava.  I really need to put off taking photos when it's not bright and sunny around here.  Another night or two and this should be finished.  All depends on how much ribbing I can knit before I'm completely bored with this and need to work on something else or scream.

This weekend will be devoted mostly to working on the Siren and the Shipwreck piece.  This is what she looks like now (before I start my weekend stitching).  I think I'm going to concentrate on some backstitching and beading today, and will probably work on the chandelier that she's holding tomorrow.  I'm just about done with the first page of this pattern and want to get that all done before moving on to the next.  I won't show another photo of her until Monday morning, after all my weekend stitching is done.

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  1. I love your puffs! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I've wanted one and now I can have one vicariously through you!