Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I cast on my Blomekrans Mittens last night.  Had a bit of trouble with pattern colors since I chose to use a charcoal heather as my background color.  First I had a red that was too close to the darkest orange.  That was fairly easy to correct by just getting rid of the red and adding a lighter yellowish color at the other end of the spectrum.  Then I had a blue that faded into the charcoal.  I replaced that with a turquoise heather, but in the photos here it looks almost identical to the light blue below it.  There is a bit more contrast in the real deal, but not much.  I've decided that since that light blue is only used in about 3 lines of the entire mitten, I'm not going to frog this back and replace it.  It will be fine.  Tonight I'll get the rest of the greens added and find out if any of them needs to be changed out.  I certainly hope not, since blues and greens are the two colors I have the least selection of in my stash.  I think my next pair of mittens will have browns as pattern colors with a light yellow as background.  I am determined to use up as much of this stash of Palette yarns as I can this year.  They've been sitting around much too long and need to be shown some love.

Worked up a nice orangey puff this morning.  I was planning to do all my puffs with my stash of KPPPM, but now I'm starting to rethink that plan.  I've already determined that I don't have enough of the KPPPM to complete all the puffs that I need, and I've also been checking out all the lovely puffs with duplicate stitch designs on them.  I may use up some more of my Palette yarn making those.  Might just have to try one of those this week to see how I like it with the puffs I've already made up.

Sometimes perseverance really does pay off.  I kept at those ornaments until I was happy with the shape and coverage.  The tassels were not as tedious as I feared, and now I have another completed needlework project.  One more and I can start the HAED.

I still won't make another of this type of bead kit, but all in all, I'm happy with the results of this one.

I have several other Mill Hill bead kits in the "I Love charmed ornament" series.  This one I started about the same time as I started that other beaded kit.  Set it aside about the same time too lol.  I found this while digging around for that tatted hanky project yesterday and brought it out to work on too.  I can only handle so much tatting before I need to work on something else.  This project will work up really quickly, and I should be able to start that HAED later this week!

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