Friday, February 21, 2014

Howling Winds

Today the winds are howling something fierce!  The sun is shining brightly, but it sounds so cold when that wind starts up.  I've been contemplating going out all morning and keep changing my mind about whether or not I'm brave enough to face the winds.  I'll have to eventually today, because I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon.  Mall or no mall? That is the question.

Yesterday afternoon I finished up all of the main color on block 3.  I think I'm going to work on the metallics until they are done today, even if it cuts into my normal knit/crochet time.  I'd like to start next week off able to work on another project.  I'll be dividing my time between the HAED piece and the two I want to get done so I can start the sampler.

Worked another round on the rug last night.  Doppler wasn't very pleased with having to model next to it for scale, but he relented with the promise of a treat afterwards.  I'm thinking this will be about 5' in diameter when I'm done.  Quite a respectable rug for the center of my kitchen floor.  Might not get this done in February since I seem to only be able to manage one round per day, but it should be finished early in March if not.

I started that second pair of Blomekrans last night and got up to the thumb on the first mitten.  These will go fast if I don't work on anything else while knitting these.  This pair will have green and brown leaves and a purple blossom against a yellow background.  Making these colorwork mittens is really eating into that Palette stash I wanted to use up this year.

 And, mall or not, I got a puff done first thing this morning.

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