Thursday, February 13, 2014

Digit is Back to Being Rotten

Digit is doing much better today.  He's been his normal rotten self all morning.  Right up until I went to take my shower.  Then he decided to be cute and cuddly, curling up on the bed and waiting for me to finish.  He's still up there taking a nice long nap.  Of course, that means that my afternoon will be filled with chasing him out of one thing or another.  His new favorite thing to do is make off with my wool mittens when I forget to put them away in the closet where they belong.  I really need to pull out some wool and make him a toy of his own to play with since he likes it so much.

Another day, another puff.  The container I've been storing these in is starting to get full, so I should be able to start sewing some together soon.

Got to the point where I'm suppose to do the face opening on the balaclava last night.  Paul and I decided that he needed another inch or so on this before I add the opening so it stays tucked into his coat.  It would pretty much defeat the purpose if he kept his face warm pulling this up, but his neck got cold because it rode up too high.  Even so, tonight should see the opening added.

Completed another 4 rounds on the Biscuit cowl too.  I'm really liking this yarn.  The colors are so vibrant and they are making a very nice striped pattern on the cowl.  I should be done with the lace pattern tonight or tomorrow night at the latest, and then this will go much faster.  Should have it done next week.

No photo of the Save the Stitches piece today because I didn't work on it after posting yesterday.  Today should see block 2 completed!

Tomorrow I am supposed to be getting the fabric I ordered to start the HAED piece over on.  Then I have a decision to make.  Should I go ahead and start on that this weekend or work on the Siren and Shipwreck piece I had planned for weekend work?

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