Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Smitten with Mittens

I finished the green and blue section of the first Blomekrans mitten last night.  I love these!  Tonight I will do the bloom on the first mitten and close the top.  I might try to get the second one done by Friday night so I can do the thumbs and block them on Saturday.  The colors are much more vibrant in real life, and I think these are going to be my go to pair for the rest of this winter.  There are several other pair by this designer that I'd like to make.  I am really smitten with her mittens!

I finished the Love Coffee ornament yesterday.  This beaded project was so much more satisfying than those lantern ones.  I also have the Love Stitching kit.  I might need to check the stitch shop to see if they have the others in the series in stock.  These are really cute and work up pretty quickly.

Another puff completed!  The duplicate stitch one is probably going to wait until this weekend because I'm really stoked about getting to start my HAED design.  I actually started on it last night, but I didn't have 25 count fabric, so used some 28 count that I had on hand.  Someone else on one of the stitching boards mentioned that she always used 28 and it worked well.  I didn't care for it.  It was just a bit too small for me.  I took a trip today in search of some supplies for this project, and found some 25 count Lugana linen.  Right after lunch I will be adding grid lines to my fabric to make stitching easier.  I've never done this before and wonder why I never thought of it!  I don't have the nylon thread made especially for this purpose, but I read that quilting thread has been used successfully, so I picked some of that up and will try it out.  This sure would have come in handy for the Miribilia patterns I have in progress.


  1. Thank you for sharing your progress. I really like your green colours!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I adore your mitten patterns. Glad you are liking my rendition of your lovely pattern.