Tuesday, February 18, 2014

He's a Ninja!

 Last night I finished the balaclava for Paul.  Unfortunately for him, it wasn't until after he had gone outside to clear the 4+ inches of snow we got yesterday.  I knew I should have worked on this a bit over the weekend instead of the Biscuit cowl, but oh well, he'll have it for next time.

True to form, he had to get into character and pose for his photos.  This may have been a mistake lol.  He pulls it up over his mouth and runs around the house saying "I'm a ninja!"

I got a pretty good start on block 3 yesterday.  I finished the outlining and got the main color added to the small areas and one of the bigger areas.  The most difficult looking pattern will be in the top right, so I think I'll start on that one today.  I'm really excited about getting block 3 done.  It means I can pull out the HAED piece and work on it until block 4 is released.

After finishing the balaclava, I worked on the Biscuit cowl.  I got another repeat done and almost 2 (of 6) rounds done on another.  I might get this done tonight!  Then I really do need to pull out the rag rug and get it finished up.  It was on my list of goals for February, so some work needs to be done on it even if I don't get it finished.

And of course, a puff.

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