Monday, February 3, 2014

Making Headway

As promised yesterday, I set my blackwork project aside today and I am focusing on finishing the beaded ornaments.  Although beading these on the perforated paper was fun, the finishing is a major pain in the butt!  I'm sure I cut these out along the lines indicated, but when whip stitching the open sides together, some of the holes ripped open.  I wound up having to do the whip stitching through holes that contained beads from the body.  This seemed to take forever because the needle kept wanting to go through the beads on the body and I couldn't let that happen.  I finally got them stitched closed and am now attaching beads over the whip stitching.  This is a bit of a pain too because once again I have to go through interior holes instead of those along the edges.  These definitely aren't my best work, but they will have to do.  I'm sure they will look better once all the edge beading is done and the tassels and hangers are attached.  I doubt I'll make any more bead kits like this one.  There are other Mill Hill ornament kits that are not 3d.  They include cross stitching and beading.  I have a couple of those, and they are much more fun than this kit was.

Yesterday, I got most of the outlining done for all 3 blocks that have been released for the blackwork project.  I should have kept going and finished it, but knowing I had to set this aside, I really wanted to take a stab at doing some of the filler patterns.

I finished the first one, with the exception of the metallic thread.  I will start adding that this weekend.  I'm going to try working on other projects throughout the week, and pull this out for weekend work.

Before going to bed last night, I took a look at my list of needlework WIPs and tried to find a few that wouldn't take long to finish.  I couldn't remember where I had left off on this one, so dug it out.  I was astonished (and a bit ashamed actually) to realize that the only thing left to do on this piece was complete the ribbon roses.  This has been sitting since before Paul and I got married, and we just celebrated our 10th anniversary!  10 years and all it needed was 30 minutes worth of work.  Instead of going to bed, I finished the roses.  This is the second needlework project finished this year, so now I'm not cheating anymore by working on the blackwork piece.

Finished my daily puff while having my coffee this morning.  It's working out well completing these first thing before I get started on anything else.  They don't take much time, and I don't have getting one done hanging over my head all day long.

While I worked on my puff, Digit made himself cozy in his new favorite spot ... the bag that I keep the kitchen rag rug in!  LOL, what's he going to do when I get that finished and the bag isn't sitting here anymore?

The next needlework project I pulled out to work on is a tatted hanky.  I had to dig around and find the book because I can't for the life of me remember what I 'm supposed to be doing here.  It's been sitting so long, I think I'm going to cut off the part that is done and start over.  If I get the beaded ornaments finished and this complete, I'll be able to start on my HAED piece!

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